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Spotlight on Skincare: A Naturopathic Physician's Daily Routine

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

By Dr. Elisheva Neffinger


Finding the right skincare routine is an individualized process, and it takes time and patience. Everyone responds to products and ingredients differently, and there can be a lot of trial and error. Bloom Natural Health carries two skincare lines in our office: Naturopathica and Environs. Both lines offer excellent quality with clean, impactful ingredients. As a naturopathic physician, I especially recommend these products because I use them as a part of my daily skincare regimen. Here's are some of the ways I keep my skin glowing and healthy throughout the day.



My skin type is oily and acne-prone, and I am also at the point in my life where aging is something I'm starting to consider when choosing my skincare routine. In the morning, I use a sulfate-free, gentle facial cleanser that will clean my skin without stripping my moisture barrier. Next, I use a Vitamin C lightweight lotion to protect my skin and replenish moisture, followed by a mineral SPF and an anti-pollution spritz. While mineral sunscreens are better for your body and the environment, they can leave a slight white cast on the face so I add a few drops of a bronzing serum to get a nice glow. Then I’m ready for the day ahead.


When I get home in the evening I take off my makeup (if I’ve worn it that day) with a calming cleansing balm, then wash my face with an aloe-based gel. When my skin is fresh and clean, I use a soothing toner to brighten and exfoliate, then a moisturizer with Salicylic acid to help treat and prevent acne and for anti-aging. This nighttime routine also helps me to relax before bed, and leads to a more refreshed morning.


In addition to my daily skincare routine, every few days I usually use a mask. I rotate between an enzyme mask (brightening, clarifying, and anti-aging) and an anti-pollution mask (protective and clears pores).


Naturopathica and Environs products are available in the Bloom Natural Pharmacy. If you’re interested in developing a skincare routine and looking for individualized guidance toward discovering a more radiant complexion, make an appointment with a Bloom Natural Health doctor today!

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