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From Stethoscopes to Squats: Here Are the Exercises That Bloom Natural Health Is Loving Right Now

Updated: Mar 20

By Dr. Elisheva Neffinger


Exercise isn't just about looking good, it's about feeling amazing! Regular physical activity heals your body and mind. Exercise strengthens your heart and lungs, making you less likely to get sick. It builds strong bones and muscles, keeping you agile and mobile. It even boosts your brainpower, improving memory and mood. Plus, exercise helps you manage weight, sleep soundly, and fight off chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer. 

What kind of exercise should you do? How much? How often? This is different for everyone, but the best exercise is the exercise you enjoy! Here are some favorite exercises from the members of Bloom Natural Health.


Cathy’s favorite family activity is hiking! She and her family have explored and enjoyed hikes in all of the New England states, Montana, Wyoming and Seattle. Cathy feels hiking in God's beautiful creation is beneficial to our soul, mind, and spirit!

Kass loves getting exercise outside, especially through running. Running is her favorite way of moving her body and clearing her mind. She has been a distance runner for about 10 years now and just ran her first marathon this year. She also loves hiking and walking, strength training, and swimming.

Alice loves walking! She walks everywhere she goes if she can.

Dr. Neffinger generally gravitates towards strength training exercise. She loves pushing herself to the limit with Solidcore, which is a high-intensity pilates-style workout. 

She also loves to be outdoors: walking her dog, hiking, kayaking etc... She climbed Mount Washington this year for the second time.

Running is Dr. Louden’s ultimate favorite exercise—it's a versatile activity that allows her to connect with nature on trails, enjoy conversations running with friends, or to challenge herself with intense interval workouts on the track. Whether it is on familiar paths or exploring new locations while on vacation, running has become a cherished routine. Thanks to her father's encouragement during high school, these runs hold sentimental value, fostering a lasting love for this invigorating exercise.

Dr. Hunter’s current exercise routine is a HIIT boot camp workout which she does 3-4 times per week. In the past she has been an avid swimmer. Her very best level of adult fitness was when she was in a kickboxing/boot camp class: this class was the hardest and most fun workout she has ever done, with a wonderful instructor and a great group of people.  Because it was so fun, she was consistent, because she never wanted to miss it. She also has a punching bag in her basement and she loves using that for a great quick workout or at the end of another workout.

Feeling inspired? Lace up your sneakers, get moving, and feel the incredible health benefits for yourself!

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