Naturopathic Services

We specialize in comprehensive and individualized health care with a focus on identifying and treating the underlying cause of your symptoms. After a thorough assessment, we use safe, gentle, natural therapeutic treatments rooted both in tradition and in modern science.

Women's Healthcare

We strive to meet the challenges involved in the care of women. We offer natural solutions for menstrual issues, PMS, PCOS, fibrocystic breasts, chronic vaginitis, menopausal symptoms, hormone support, and osteoporosis.

Nutritional Assessment

Diet confusion? We can help identify your unique nutritional needs and provide safe and effective options for healthy eating. We offer weekly and monthly diet plans to support healthy eating, increase energy, and improve overall wellness.

Lab Testing

Routine and functional labs can be ordered based on your health concern and medical necessity. In addition to standard lab assessment, we offer a deeper look with functional lab testing including digestive assessments, microbiome analysis, organic acid and amino acid testing, mercury tri test, food intolerance testing, functional nutritional testing, and hormone assessment.

Weight Loss and
Healthy Lifestyle Programs

Using labs and nutri-genomic testing, we tailor a diet specific to your needs. To help keep you on track, we offer regular in-office tracking of progress, body composition testing and lab metabolic markers. Specific supplements may be used to safely to support your goals.

MTHFR/Nutritional Genomics

Used in conjunction with physical exams, lab tests and current health status, genetic testing can become a foundation for a personalized approach to wellbeing. Each person's unique genomic makeup provides information which can impact health and lifestyle decisions and may be helpful in guiding recommendations for lifestyle, nutrtion, exercise, and more.

Food Allergy and
Sensitivity Assessment

We offer lab testing and elimination diets to help patients identify foods that may be triggering symptoms such as fatigue, weight changes, headaches, disgestive disturbances, sore joints, or skin reactions. This testing may provide insight into intolerances to certain foods.

Cleansing Programs

These popular programs are offered 2-3 times per year in a group format. Diet changes allow for a healthy “re-boot” and a therapeutic fast is incorporated in a physician-supported environment. Easily digestible foods help the eliminative organs spend more time detoxifying and less time digesting.


We offer our patients onsite dispensing of physician-grade supplements, herbs, and homeopathic remedies, as well as custom blended herbal tinctures. You can also order from our online dispensary. Products will be drop shipped to you for a small shipping fee if under $50. Free shipping over $50.00. Order here >

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All appointments booked online will be telehealth. If you prefer to be seen in person please call the office to schedule. Click HERE for instructions on telehealth.

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