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Bloom Natural Health Updates | 3.23.2020

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Bloom Natural Health will remain open for business.

  • We are no longer seeing any patients in person for office visits.

  • All office visits will be conducted via Telemedicine.

  • Virtually every insurer has stated that they will cover telemedicine during the time that we are all practicing social distancing.

  • Telemedicine is an easy way to stay connected and on top of your health goals.

  • The system has been working well and our patients are finding it user friendly. Click HERE for more information about using telemedicine.

Options for Supplement Refills

1) You can use our online dispensary Fullscript at for home delivery

2) We will be offering in house dispensary items through curbside pickup only.

Place your order (3 options):

  1. Phone - 860.310.5559

  2. Email -

  3. Message Kristen Howell in your patient portal.

i. Please be as specific as possible with your order.

ii. You will need to pay for your items by card. You can do this over the phone or through the secure patient portal. We will need your card number, expiration date and CVV code. Please DO NOT email any card information.

3) You can pick up your items during our business hours. Please make sure to check our website for changes to our hours.

4) Your order must be paid before pick-up.

5) You can text us at 860.310.5565 when you arrive in our parking lot. This number is for paid supplement pick up only. This number will not be monitored or responded to for any other reason.

6) Please wait in your car. Expect that there could be a short delay as Kristen is answering phones and monitoring texts.

7) Please do not get out of your car until you get a text confirmation that your item is on the porch. Your bag will have your initials on it. Do not approach the porch until you get your confirmation text so that we all keep a safe distance.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Christine Louden and Dr. Sharon Hunter

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