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Healthful Rest: Natural Strategies for Better Sleep

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

By Dr. Elisheva Neffinger


In case you missed "Healthful Rest: Natural Strategies for Better Sleep," Dr. Elisheva Neffinger’s recent Bloom on Zoom webinar about sleep, here are some of the highlights!

Sleep is an essential human function. Though there are many demands on our time and schedule, in order to maintain our health, sleep is non-negotiable. Getting good rest is vital for energy, weight maintenance, reproductive health, learning/memory, immune system support, disease prevention, mood, and more.


Guidelines for Proper Sleep Hygiene:

“Sleep hygiene” consists of ways to improve your sleep and circadian rhythm. The following rituals, tips, and techniques help to promote a better night’s rest:

  • Have a relaxing bedtime routine

  • Create a pleasant, clean, cool bedroom environment

  • Have a regular sleep schedule

  • Avoid napping

  • Avoid using devices before bed

  • Avoid keeping devices in your bedroom, and looking at devices immediately upon waking

  • Expose yourself to light first thing in the morning

  • Finish your warm evening shower with a cool rinse

  • Avoid caffeine after 11 a.m


Diet and Sleep:

Diet also impacts the quality of sleep, and small adjustments can make for better mornings.

Foods to promote healthy sleep include:

  • Tart cherry juice

  • Fatty fish

  • Small protein snack before bed

  • And overall, a balanced diet

Foods to avoid before bed include:

  • Alcohol

  • Caffeine

  • Chocolate and Sweets

  • Heavy or fried foods

  • Excess fluids


Supplements and Herbs:

A variety of supplements and herbs can be used to promote healthy sleep. Consult your naturopathic doctor for more information on what supplements might lead you to better rest. If you are suffering from insomnia, your naturopathic doctor can also run comprehensive labs to help diagnose the root cause.

We hope these tips and techniques help you to achieve a better night’s sleep!


Check out a recording of “Healthful Rest: Natural Strategies for Better Sleep” here:


Bloom on Zoom: "For Sustained Health, It’s Time to Hack Your Habits"

Please join Dr. Christine Louden for this month’s Bloom on Zoom “For Sustained Health, It’s Time to Hack Your Habits” on Thursday, October 28th from 12pm-1pm EST. Click here for the Zoom link on the Workshops page of our website.


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