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Dr. Sharon Hunter and Dr. Christine Louden, licensed Naturopathic physicians, have been providing thoughtful, science-based natural healthcare in West Hartford for over
15 years. Trained experts in integrative and functional medicine, they utilize natural therapies to help you:

• Understand why you are sick

• Learn how to become healthy with

   the assistance of an individualized

   treatment plan

• Leverage the best of natural

   healthcare and conventional


• Move beyond lack of disease and

   strive for optimal health


Announcing "Bloom on Zoom," a free monthly webinar series, featuring timely topics in naturopathic medicine, followed by a Q&A with Bloom's Naturopathic Physicians, offered on the fourth Thursday of each month from 12pm-1pm

Dr. Elisheva Neffinger, who recently joined the practice, will lead the upcoming Bloom on Zoom webinars. Join Dr. Neffinger on Thursday, July 22 for "Healthy Diet Tips and Tricks for Summer”