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Natural Pharmacy

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Choosing supplements can be confusing. The doctors at Bloom Natural Health are here to guide you toward identifying the most beneficial, clean, high-potency nutrients and herbs, in the proper form, for the highest clinical efficiency to suit your individual needs. We offer onsite dispensing of physician-grade supplements, herbs, and homeopathic remedies, as well as custom-blend herbal tinctures. Along with a nutrient-rich, balanced diet, high-quality supplements are an essential tool in achieving optimal health. 


On-Site Dispensary Hours

95 South Main Street  |  West Hartford, CT 06107

Monday 9 am-5pm

Tuesday 8 am-7 pm 

Wednesday  9 am-5 pm

Thursday 8am-5 pm 

Friday 9 am-5 pm

Online Dispensary

For your convenience we participate with Fullscript, an online dispensary. Products will be shipped to you directly, for a small shipping fee, if under $50. For orders over $50, shipping is free.


Bloom Natural Health is pleased to offer the following featured products and services:


Bloom Natural Health offers Nutrafol products for healthy hair growth. Nutrafol strengthens hair from within, improving gloss and thickness. Nutrafol’s products can also contribute to more restful sleep, lowered stress, healthier skin, and better moods. (Consults are recommended before using this product.)

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Bloom Natural Health offers 3x4 Genetic Testing. 3x4 Genetic Testing provides a wealth of information to inform decisions around your health and wellness. As practitioners in the 3x4 Genetics community, the Bloom Natural Health doctors can facilitate your individualized journey toward better health and wellness with insights into your genetic code and root causes of ailments, targeted screenings, and diet and supplement recommendations.

Bloom Natural Health offers organifi’s all-day superfood blends in red, green, and gold. Simply scoop, stir into water, and sip, to enjoy improved health and wellness. Organifi’s products provide everyday nutrition for healthy habits and holistic energy. Reset your morning, energize your day, and replenish your evening with organifi’s full array of superfood blends. 

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​Bloom Natural Health offers Environ Skin Care. Environ's products are comprised of science-based cosmeceuticals, which incorporate the latest technology in enhancement of high-grade vitamins A,C,E, antioxidants, and peptides to help restore, protect, and maintain the appearance of healthy, youthful, and beautiful skin!

Bloom Natural Health offers Naturopathica skin care and natural remedies. Naturopathica employs dozens of pure plant extracts in its serums, cleansers, masks, and other treatments. Responsibly harvested and expertly chosen for each unique skin concern, Naturopathica’s ingredients are revered for their potency, efficacy, and pure, long-lasting results.

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