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Announcing the Next Metabolic Health Program June 12-July 17, 2023

Updated: May 25, 2023

Activate empowered wellness and kick-start summer with science-based, practical tools to help you take charge of your health. Join Bloom Natural Health’s Metabolic Health Program, a four-week educational program geared to assess your metabolism beyond body weight, to reduce the risk of chronic health conditions, and to bolster your overall health and wellness.


See a positive shift in your numbers, fitness, and energy as you receive guidance from Bloom’s naturopathic doctors (NDs) and functional nutritionist Lisa Scoma (MS). Build healthy habits with this comprehensive program, which encourages increased exercise and daily movement, and the planning and cooking of meals. By reducing inflammatory food choices, our goal for this program will be to lower blood sugar, cholesterol, and inflammation through balanced, unprocessed, whole food choices that taste delicious and are quick and easy to make.


A study at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill found that 88% of Americans are metabolically unhealthy and carry significant health risks of developing type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other chronic health conditions. Many of us are unaware of the status of our metabolic health until we develop one of these conditions. By learning more about our metabolic health, we can change our trajectories and activate empowered wellness.


The Metabolic Health Program includes the following in-person and online support and resources:

● Four Meetings (Three in Person, One on Zoom)

● 14-Day Menu to Balance Blood Sugar

● Exercise Plan & Support

Before and After Biometric Data Assessment

● Science-Based Educational Emails

● Access to Private Facebook Community

● Guidance from Bloom Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) & Functional Nutritionist Lisa Scoma (MS)

● Metabolic Health Supplements


Program Dates: June 12-July 17, 2023

Registration Deadline: May 31, 2023 Program Cost: $499 To register, contact Bloom Natural Health, or click the button to fill out a form, and Bloom Natural Health will contact you by phone.

Download PDF • 32KB

This program is eligible for HSA/FSA spending. Contact Bloom Natural Health for more information.

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